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Pikelet Mix

Pikelet Mix

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The Staffordshire Pikelet, the lesser known, but just as tasty cousin of the Staffordshire Oatcake. The Pikelet is made in exactly the same way, but is usually smaller and thicker than its cousin and often currents or raisins are added during cooking to add to the flavour.

Unlike the Staffordshire Oatcake they are eaten with either melted butter or sweet fillings like jam, honey or marmalade.

We supply you with 354g of our real mix which is enough to make approximately 10 Pikelets, or an 708g pack to make approximately 20 Pikelets.

Best described by Arthur Berry in "Ode to the oatcake"Pikelets

The pikelet you ask, what is that?
Itís a sort of female oatcake
Smaller, thicker, sweeter
More immediately seductive
Sometimes with currants in it
A muffin for the working class
Best eaten soaked in butter


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